Kiełbasa Krakowska

Kiełbasa Krakowska is the top selling Polish Sausage in Poland.  Kiebasa gets it names from the regions they are made.  Krakowska comes from one of the oldest cities in Europe Krakow Poland.  Kraków is one of the oldest and largest cities of Poland located in the southern central area of Poland.

 Made in different styles from dry to semidry sausage and hot smoked Kiełbasa .  It is usually made by a mixture of mostly pork with some beef.  Traditionally the pork is not ground but hand cut. Salt, pepper, garlic, coriander are the usual spices added.  Extra pepper in the form of an herbal pepper is a poular variation.

Find delicious Kiełbasa Krakowska at the Pulaski Meat Market Utica NY, It’s the best!

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