Kiełbasa , From Kings to Villagers

Kielbasa has been around for centuries, the Polish word “kielbasa” means sausage.  It was a long heavily smoked thick dark sausage that favored the tables of Kings, Noblemen and Knights.

Wild game meats along with pork and spices made for a number of kielbasa varieties.  Along the way over the years new recipes and spices were created into regional sausage varieties.  In time the village peasants copied the noblemens epicurian delights into their own style of cooking.  Eventaually in the middle ages as cities grew people made kielbasa for sale and trade.

Walk into any Polish butcher shop and ask for Kiełbasa and you will get a puzzled look for sure.  Remember, Kiełbasa is just the Polish word for sausage and you may be surrounded by 50 different kinds.

The Polish Sausage everyone is most familar with would be Kiełbasa Polska Wędzona -Polish Smoked Sausage.  Usually made with all pork or an 80% pork and 20% beef mixture.  The spices used are salt & pepper, sugar, marjoram, and garlic. The marjoram is considered optional, but never the garlic!  Mixed and stuffed into a natural hog casing, it is then smoked.

If you want Great Kiełbasa make sure to visit your local Polish Meat Market like the Pulaski Meat Market in Utica NY.

Ask the people at the Polish Market what is in their Smoked Kiełbasa and compare the list of ingredients on a super market package of Polish sausage, notice any difference?

Thought so!  When you want the best Kiełbasa in town do yourself a favor and take the time to visit a local Polish Meat Market like the Pulaski Meat Market in Utica at 1201 Lenox Ave.  You deserve it! And your dinner guests will appreciate it!

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